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Hiroshi Kobayashi grew up in a family where gastronomic culture was more than a privilege, it was a lifestyle. Developing the ability to feel the textures and aromas of a dish just by looking at it was the beginning of a dream that in a very short time took on an air of truth.

Hiroshi arrived in Spain in 2004 seduced by wine, Japan was not then a land of wine culture, but his time in a Spanish restaurant aroused his great curiosity about these wines. This curiosity made him set the goal of becoming a sommelier and working side by side with the best in the sector. His curious and enthusiastic spirit made him go through the best restaurants in Spain, set foot in renowned wineries and share ideas with great winemakers in Spain.

In his race to learn everything about wine, Madrid crossed his path and in a very short time it sank deep into his heart, the variety in the gastronomic offer was inspiring and exciting in equal parts and led him to present a little-known face and daring of Japanese gastronomy.

His first great challenge, to dismantle myths and shake our beliefs about oriental cuisine, Japan is much more than sushi, and he had set out to conquer us with the mystical Japanese embers.

Crossing the doors of Tori-Key is an express pass to street Japan, a daring and sophisticated Japan, a gastronomic project that is protected by a wine and sake cellar that is simply spectacular.




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